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Redefining Human Endeavour

<strong>iAmRta Ethics Certificate Program</strong>

iAmRta Ethics Certificate Program

“Ethics cant be imported from the outside but is a raising in your very being. Morality is spontaneous and joyful.” - Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

<strong>Involution Program</strong>

Involution Program

“Human Beings have to be engaged in involution to complete life’s evolution.”
Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

<strong>7 Secrets of Success</strong>

7 Secrets of Success

“Every human is born as a potential; life is meant for its realisation.”
Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

<strong>HIP Meditation</strong>

HIP Meditation

“You can never begin Meditation with just sitting, while sitting silently, you become aware of the madness inside. Work a mad dance and you begin to become aware of a silent point within you”
Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

<strong>Vibhuti Yoga</strong>

Vibhuti Yoga

“Yoga can't be a fad, it is a way of living. To be a real Yogi, you must immediately start moving from the physical to the subtle.”
Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

<strong>Meet Dr.Manish 121</strong>

Meet Dr.Manish 121

"The problem is actually deep inside. You will have to delve into the source to find it's solution. There are no solutions outside of you."
Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

Transformation Facilitator | Spiritual Guru | Yoga & Tantra Master

Manish Mokshagundam is a different kind of being. You could say he is total; having integrated the “whole” that is all the subtle levels of his being into his human experience. He calls this Holistic-Intrinsic way (HI-Way) to living, and he claims we can all learn to expand and live in this way. Read More


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