About Manish Mokshagundam, by Lily Verghese :

 “Even as a child, growing up in India, Manish Mokshagundam was witness to the limitless possibilities of consciousness.”


Manish Mokshagundam is a different kind of being. You could say he is total; having integrated the “whole” that is all the subtle levels of his being into his human experience. He calls this Holistic-Intrinsic way (HI-Way) to living, and he claims we can all learn to expand and live in this way. Since his first profound insight at age 16, Manish has been sailing the waves of an immensely awakened life. He started teaching at age 22 and today, at 42, he is an internationally recognised transformation facilitator, spiritual master and empowerment speaker. On a personal level, he embodies the fully passionate lifestyle that he recommends, including mountain biking, rock-climbing and trekking at places over the snow-line, 15000 feet and above. 

“Bhogam moksham cha” Manish says, “Life is an integration of indulgence and spirituality” 

Currently he is exploring new roles as entrepreneur, CEO and inventor; adding to previous skills as journalist, film maker, yogi, writer, researcher and philosopher. He also occasionally enjoys  chilled beer with a Cuban cigar!  

Even as a child, growing up in India, he was privy to the unlimited possibilities within the human consciousness. As a teenager, frustrated with the “unconscious” behaviour of society, he made a commitment to search for the “ultimate answer” and to discover the actual workings of life that would liberate humanity from conflict and suffering. He began a relentless quest, exploring all kinds of masters, philosophies, and methods; including studies in the Himalayas. He stayed with each practice only long enough to digest what was useful to his goal. Eventually when he had all but given up, he received through a nameless master the ultimate experience of them all known simply as “The Fourth”.  A state where the “I” collapses into the infinite and   Manish realised that the “ultimate answer” was to be found in the presence of Existence itself, in all its infinite potential.


“ The I sank; and out sprang this indescribable freedom that knows no boundary” Manish Mokshagundam


This background helps explain an extraordinary creation that Manish launched in early 2012. A unique organisation for all those subtle arts that are missing from our schools, colleges and universities. An Academy where transformational knowledge that empowers you to expand your boundaries, unleash your potential and lead an extraordinary life integrating personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more. Manish named it Mind and Health Activities (MAHA) Academy to indicate that these are basic components that you have to work with achieve the purpose of your life. Personally, as someone who was a seeker for decades, I’ve not found anything as concise and simultaneously comprehensive as MAHA Academy. Also, because it offers and can deliver to anyone who wants it  – a fully empowered life, I view the Academy as a historical first—that will play a role in the transition of humanity towards a more enlightened era.

“I often wish that I could study the work that I’ve created today, when I was still intensely struggling and seeking for liberation.”

Dr. Manish Mokshagundam

Yet Manish says he feels like he is just getting started, even though creating MAHA Academy  and its various programs was at that point, the goal of his life. With that now achieved, a whole new dimension has opened up to him, to usher in a spiritual, ethical, modern and happy human-kind . He says the challenges ahead will require him to stay extraordinarily focused and in alignment with the truest part of his being. Manish continues to refine and focus his programs with a goal to reach people from every walk of life, building a bridge to enlightenment and self-empowerment for the “Sree Samanya” (common man) not just for those already in the spiritual community. “It’s what I live for” he says, “it’s what I came here for.”


“I’ve devoted myself to leave behind a detailed cartography to save you years of struggle; not to take away your rightful journeys, but to make them more precise and even ecstatic. You can’t escape your journey, and you shouldn’t want to, but you can infuse yours with much more joy and clarity instead. I sincerely wish this for you, my fellow thirsty travellers.”

Manish Mokshagundam


Do yourself a favour, as I did, and don’t waste any more time. Allow yourself to get acquainted with this guy’s ridiculously complete understanding of your spirit! 

: Lily Verghese