7 Simple Steps to Success 


“Every human is born as a potential; life is meant for its realisation.”

Dr. Manish Mokshagundam



The HI Way to living is our flagship program which includes the seven simple steps to success. This residential program is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in every facet of your life, in just five days. The program is the earthly phenomenon of the truth as received by Manish on quest of self inquiry. The truth has been simplified and designed into this compact yet powerful life-transformation program though years of refinement. 

The program provides the most pluralistic approach to life, its purpose and success. It reintroduces the reality of your true self and the nature surrounding it. You’ll experience a new and unique kind of freedom, efficacy and empowerment.  The freedom to be peaceful in any circumstance, a new high level of efficacy in areas that really matter to you, and the empowerment to manifest your purpose of life to into a reality.

The HI Way to living program utilises spirituality to draw in the transcendental into all the important areas of your life. You will see a noticeable change for the better in your work quality and productivity, you will enjoy your life better and move towards the goal that you have or will create one during the program.



How It Works

The HI Way to living is designed to bring about a total transformation through seven simple steps to manifest the potential in people’s lives. The program moves you from the ordinary to spectacular creating a union between the mind-body-spirit complex. Grounded in a model of transformative learning, the program takes you through the fundamental awareness of the basic structures in which we cognise, think, and operate. 

From that awareness comes a paradigm shift that gives you more freedom to fulfil your life-potential and deal with your deepest self and accommodate others. This shift is not a one-time event, but an ongoing access to a previously untapped dimension of effectiveness and creativity. 

The HI Way to living offers practical techniques for producing transformation; achievements that are extraordinary, outside the limits of your present understanding of yourself. You will be able to think and act beyond existing views and limits, in your personal and professional life, relationships, and wider communities of interest. 




Spiritual management of your life 

Complete & clear understanding of the Holistic You

Expression of your true self 

Clearing off of your karmic balance 

Achieving success in all your endeavours 

Manifesting your reality 

Total transformation 

Embarking on the journey to enlightenment   

Note: the list not exhaustive  


Resources Required – Organisers

Projector, Screen and AV output

Reasonable sound system

Microphone (Wireless preferable)  

28 Sft per participant 

Participants – Yoga Mat & Costume 



Program Schedule & Delivery  

Duration; 5 Days Residential 

Minimum participants; 30  

Course material; Provided




All participants who successfully complete the program will be certified by MAHA Academy with the HI-WAY of Living Success Management Workshop certificate