“Ethics cant be imported from the outside but is a raising in your very being. Morality is spontaneous and joyful.”

Dr. Manish Mokshagundam







Meditation is the only way to reach ethics

“The Highlight of the iAmRta Ethics Program are the Meditation sessions. These meditation sessions are really helpful because each one would be analysing them-self and look deep into their inner-self. Thats really a good aspect. Each one would be having their own strategy and weaknesses, these things can be taken care by each one of them. So, I think that this was very important in the schedule of the six months training here at NACEN, Bangalore.

Furthermore, I would like to state that 90% of my batchmates here have already experienced and already got the way of discerning Right from Wrong through Meditation.”

Raghunandhan, Customs Officer
Ministry of Finance
Government of India



I gained confidence through iAmRta Ethics Program

Dr. Manish Mokshagundam has rightly said that girls are judged more often then boys. I used to be scared to talk to boys. I used to have a lot of negative feelings. Now through this program I have realised that it is all inside you. No one can explain away how to do it, you have experience it yourself. You have to powerful, you have to reach the point within where you are comfortable with yourself and others perspective will not matter. It’s not about seeking help from an external god or worship but it’s about inner transformation. It’s you who have to change.

Now I know how to reach that point; I know that when you are right, you are right and what others judge doesn’t make a difference. I have gained so much confidence from this program. Many of my batchmates will also use this in their lives. Thank you Dr. Manish

Lakshmi, Customs Officer
Ministry of Finance
Government of India


I have become an excellent decision maker

“Mere knowing the law is insufficient; twe need to understand the source of righteousness and the base of such laws to make the right decisions. In this program I have learnt how dynamic the decision making process is and how to make the RIGHT CHOICE everything. This program is useful in everyday life in every situation.”

Shyam Sunder 
Customs Inspector 
Excise and Narcotics, Bangalore​.





The iAmRta is a five day program which unravels the universal code of Ethics, Morality, Values, Aptitude and other constructs of right conduct. This program is designed to demystify the ciphers of acceptable behaviour while brining in deep transformation in your  observable demeanour.

The program takes you deep into the mental formations of everyday choices in an easy   yet obvious manner. You will for the first time get a glimpse of the dynamism in decision making and understand the science behind your preferred action. You will as they say, be shown how deep the rabbit hole goes.

You’ll experience a fresh perceptive to life around you, receive a unique empowerment to undertake determined stands in difficult situations and evolve as a judicious problem-solver.  You will acquire an inner ability of joyfully determining the right from wrong without prejudice or pride that will help you progress in your chosen profession with honour, dignity and abundant respect form peers as well as superiors.

The nascent personality that you already possess will be metamorphosed positively into a strong and altruistic character. This character building leads to consistent moral and ethical behaviour in every situation that you may face. You shall resolve to remain in your chosen code of conduct though out the unpredictability of time and space.

The iAmRta program utilises Spirituality, Deontology, Modern Psychology, Nomology, Empirical & Normative Ethics, Culture, Civilisational Wisdom, Etc augmented with tailor made enterprising meditations that extract hereto unknown powers from the bottom of your consciousness. You will immediately be able to apply the wisdom gathered through the program in improving your work quality, decision making and productivity.


How It Works

The iAmRta is a gestalt for applied value based living. The program provides intrinsic experiential processes that are custom made to make you cognise the whole gamut of discerning Values, Morals, Ethics, Aptitude, Character Development and so forth. Grounded in a model of transformative learning, the program takes you through the fundamental realisation of the basic structures in which we cognise, think, and operate.

From that realisation flows an accurate sense of differentiating right from wrong, ethical from the unethical. The program also provides insight into the abstract mental constructs in a  simple and comprehensible manner. It creates a highly developed sense of empathy  specifically towards subordinates, peers, family members and others in general.

The iAmRta also imparts five different unique meditative techniques for producing the deep insight needed to unravel the codes of universally accepted human BEHAVIOUR; taking you into the realm of minimalistic effort if not effortless work-life ethics. The program is designed to put you on top of any situation and make you SPONTANEOUSLY “do the right thing” no matter what the circumstances may be.



  • 100% Compliance to the Organisational Values | Ethics | Vission | Mission | Culture, Etc
  • Asute Leadership
  • Heightened empathy
  • Expression of altruism
  • Character development
  • Discerning capacity of action
  • Aptitude & attitude management
  • Differentiation between right and wrong
  • Efficient & effortless decision making skills
  • Complete & clear understanding of values
  • Self correction of moral & ethical values
  • Judgement of importance vis-à-vis interest
  • Mastery over abstract & intangible mental constructs

Note: the list not exhaustive


Resources Required – Organisers

Projector, Screen and AV output

Reasonable sound system

Microphone (Wireless preferable)

28 Sft per participant


Participants – Yoga Mat & Costume 


Program Schedule & Delivery  

Duration; 5 Days

Minimum participants; 30

Course material; Provided



All participants who successfully complete the program will be certified by MAHA Academy with the iAmRta, Ethics Workshop certificate