Involution Program  


“Involution is the inner path & journey of a spiritual aspirant toward Self-realisation, also called nirvritti in Yoga” Dr. Manish Mokshagundam




Humans are the peak of the evolution process. Evolution is natural and mechanical and is self sustained. The result of such an evolution is the recognition of consciousness. However, the moment consciousness comes into being, the mechanical evolution stops; its purpose is fulfilled. Existence has become conscious of itself through humans.Now, you have to decide if you wish to further evolve or not. 

Involution is the next step of evolution. It is the very reason nature exists, to provide you with the ultimate possibility of transcending existence through the inner journey of self-realisation. Evolution is unconscious and an automated process; there is no uncertainty about it. Life is mechanical and certain. But with humans, i.e., consci

ous humans, choice comes onto play. 

You may choose to take the next step in evolution or you may choose not to. YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE. Unlike the unconscious evolution, which is collective and general. Evolution becomes an individual process the moment it becomes conscious. Your choice becomes your destiny. It will remain with you and be part of you; You can’t deny it. There is tremendous push from existence itself to start your journey inwards, to involute, to evolve further. 






Listen to your inner voice, jump start your involution process today. There is enormous joy to be found, enlightenment & bliss to be experienced and liber


ation to be had. Enroll to the 3 day Involution Program, mail your intention to 



How It Works

“Involution isn’t simply spiritual, it is the very basis of a successful life. It is a synthesis of holistic sciences that unravels the whole gestalt of life’s various dimensions, providing a deep understanding of your inner workings even while creating an extra-ordinary and successful work life along with bodily health, emotional balance and integrated wellbeing.” Dr. Manish Mokshagundam 

The esoteric yet simple techniques imparted through the program accede to furthering your life through holistic management. The program provides the tools for managing effectively your thoughts, emotions and responses. These potent life-changing tools will activate self-understanding and self-management that put you in the driving seat of your life. 

You will carry home a unique transformative technique of MAHA KRIYA that has been specifically developed by Dr. Manish to boost your overall wellness quotient even while chipping away the vagaries of modern lifestyle and bringing about deep catharsis from the negative aspects of such a living. 

The program integrates techniques from Yogic sciences, Agamas, Kriya, Ayurveda and modern Psychology & Behavioural sciences among other niche disciplines of life enhancement which have been intricately intertwined to precision for bringing you maximum benefits.


The Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies are dynamically affected to produce:


  • Health 


Stress reduction 

Increased energy levels 

Heightened vitality 

Increased immunity to diseases 

Prevention of lifestyle diseases like depression, anxiety, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, allergies, obesity, migraine, etc 


  • Emotional 

Ushers in complete clarity of thoughts 

Emotional balance is re-induced 

Biorhythm is harmonised to give all-day positivity 

Start of your journey to fulfil your purpose of life 

Overall satisfaction 


  • Performance

Enhancement of focus, concentration & memory 

Heightened empathy in every interaction 

Improved communication and inter personnel relationships 

Ease of handling difficult and stressful situations 

Raise in productivity and efficiency 

Elevated levels of performance throughout the day 


  • Experience 

Unbiased and positive attitude induced 

Evaluation of personal values and life goals 

Transcendence of your limitations and fears 

Embark on a very open approach towards life 

Generation of inner peace 

Resources Required – Organisers

Projector, Screen and AV output

Reasonable sound system

Microphone (Wireless preferable)

28 Sft per participant


Participants – Yoga Mat & Yoga Uniform



Program Schedule & Delivery

Duration; 3 Days

Minimum participants; 50

Course material; Provided

Add on Program; Involution Advance Program



All participants who successfully complete the program will be certified by MAHA Academy with the Involution Program completion certificate